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Friday, November 8, 2013

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The sole purpose of today’s ride is to pick up some Belly Flops from the Jelly Belly Factory Store in Fairfield. I’ll be traveling to England next month to spend some time with my sister and her family; my niece and nephew have requested some Jelly Bellies. I figure jelly beans don’t have to look perfect to taste good-do they? Of course not!

We cross the Benicia-Martinez Bridge into Benicia for a short jaunt along the waterfront.

The turn into Turnbull Park off E 5th St leads us onto the path that runs beside the condos and townhouses along the Benicia Marina.

We exit the marina and take 1st St out to Benicia Point-a public fishing pier. There are magnificent views of Carquinez Strait, Mt Diablo, the lovely refineries and the two bridges.

1st St takes us through the downtown area of Benicia; there are plenty of historic buildings, restaurants and cafes, boutiques and galleries.

K St leads us through the residential neighborhoods along the waterfront to the trail entrance into Benicia State Park. The Bay Area Ridge Trail runs along the east edge of the park to the Bike/Ped ramp over I-780 on Rose Dr.

We head north on Columbus Pkwy; the 7-10% climb on this road goes through the residential neighborhoods that border the city of Vallejo out to Lake Herman Rd.

The first half mile on Lake Herman Rd goes pass Syar Industries; an aggregate production company. This section of road has large heavy hauling trucks coming in and out of the quarry. The road gently climbs up to the summit and drops down pass the old barns and cattle ranches around Sky Valley to the entrance into the parking lot at Lake Herman.

Lake Herman Rd continues east for 2.2 miles; the rolling terrain leads us up and over into Benicia with fabulous views of the Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay and Mt Diablo!

We head north on Lopes Rd; the flat rolling terrain runs parallel along the west side of I-680 to the subdivisions in Cordelia. The surrounding hills and pasture lands are dotted with grazing cattle and ranches.

We cross over I-680 on Gold Hill Rd to Ramsey Rd; this side road continues along the east side of the freeway through the open flatlands on Joyce Island to Cordelia Ave.

We continue east on Cordelia Ave for the short climb up and over to the other side of the valley. The road opens up to the expansive agricultural fields, orchards and farmlands around Suisun.

The flat terrain on Hale Ranch Rd and Busch Dr goes around the Budweiser Brewery to Chadbourne Rd.

The turn on Cougar Dr and N Watney Way takes us through the industrial park area of Fairfield to One Jelly Belly Ln; the Jelly Belly Factory Store.

Jelly Belly offers free daily tours of their candy making factory from 9 AM to 4 PM-there’s no shortage of people queuing up for the 40 minute walking tour. This store offers a huge variety of jelly beans and candies along with fudge and chocolates! The Jelly Belly Cafe offers burgers, pizza, salads and sandwiches plus other snack type foods with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

I got 5 bags of Belly Flops; buy three for $27 and get two bags for free. Each bag is 32 oz, that’s comes out to $2.70 a pound compared to perfect jelly bellies selling for $9 a pound-that’s pretty good savings! I don’t think your taste buds or stomach can tell the difference between flops and perfectly shaped jelly beans! Michael is the candy mule-he’s lugging 10 pounds of jelly beans in his backpack for the 25 miles back to Martinez.

We do a little loop around the industrial park area before reversing our way back on Cordelia Rd to Lopes Rd.

We head south on Goodyear Rd; this road runs parallel along the east side of I-680 with fabulous views of the sloughs, marshes and wetlands around Grizzly Bay.

Industrial Way goes through the industrial park area of Benicia along Suisun Bay with scenic views of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge, the Mothball Fleet and Mt Diablo!

Park Rd leads us up and over the Valero refinery to the Bike/Ped path entrance onto the Benicia-Martinez Bridge.

We make our way back to Holiday Highlands on Shell Ave to Pacheco Blvd and take the mini tunnel on Morello Ave to the residential neighborhoods on Midhill and Fig Tree Ln.

This is a very scenic route with a bridge crossing, waterfront views and a fun destination stop. A majority of the ride is along the back and side roads of Solano County with minimal traffic and minimal elevation gain. Come on out and try it-bring a friend or two to help block the winds, you’ll have fun!

Garmin Stats:
60 Miles with 2283′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 335′
Max grade: 10%
Terrain: Flat to rolling with a few low hills

Weather: SUPER! Sunny and warm with clear blue skies. Temps ranged from the mid 50’s to the mid 70’s. Breezy NW winds with 54% humidity

Enjoy life-have fun!


Click here to view the interactive route map & elevation profile

Follow this route for today’s ride:

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