Healdsburg: Geyserville-Cloverdale Sculpture Trail

Saturday, October 12, 2013

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I came upon the Sculpture Trail as I was riding from Geyserville to Cloverdale. This is a must see if you’re in the area! This is from the Cloverdale Arts Alliance:

The Cloverdale Arts Alliance is joining the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce in producing a Sculpture Trail; an exhibit of sculptures in both Northern Sonoma County communities, located in the Sonoma County Wine Country. The Sculpture Trail is a year-round exhibit with sculptures changing every 9 months. Cloverdale entered the realm of public art ten years ago and Geyserville three years ago. The high quality of sculptures displayed in both communities has been enjoyed and experienced by residents and tourists, and the high quality will continue under the banner of Sculpture Trail. The beauty of art is that if a hundred people all see the same artwork, there could be a hundred different ideas and interpretations of the same work. And, what better way to enjoy, embrace sculptures in our daily lives and interpret art than in our public-assessable places, the streets of Cloverdale and Geyserville.

Geyserville Sculptures:

Cloverdale Sculptures:

Healdsburg Sculptures:

You can ride or drive to see all the outdoor sculptures, it’s worth a day trip! Check it out before the exhibits ends on 02/06/14. I’ve also included the sculptures around Healdsburg along Foss Creek Park and Trail.


Click here to check out the whole Sculpture Trail Brochure & Map

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  1. Nancy, Thank you for including all this information. This looks really neat!! Carole

    Carole, You’re welcome! It’s worth the drive to check it all out. Nancy


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