Martinez Winters One Hundred

Sunday, May 19, 2013

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I’m leading a GPC club ride from Vacaville to Winters for lunch today, so I’m adding 64 miles by riding from Martinez out to the start at Pena Adobe Park to make this one of my weekly centuries. This relatively flat century crosses the Benicia-Martinez Bridge, heads north through the city streets of Fairfield out to Vacaville and continues on Pleasants Valley to Putah Creek into Winters. The return is along the flats out to Cantelow Rd for the short steep climb up to the top of the ridge.

We take the Ped/Bike path to crossover the Benicia-Martinez Bridge into Benicia.

Park Rd takes us up and over to the refineries and out along Benicia’s Industrial Park area on Industrial Way. This little section of road has great views of the bridge and the Mothball Fleet in Suisun Bay with views of Diablo!

The 4.6 miles on Goodyear Rd runs parallel to I-680; it’s really a pleasure riding along the flat gentle rolling terrain on this less traveled road in the early quiet morning hours. The sun is still on the rise and cast a warm glow across the hillsides and marshlands surrounding Grizzly Bay-it’s an incredible way to begin a day!

From Marshview Rd, Lopes Rd runs 5 miles along the west side of I-680 into the outer city limits of Fairfield through the residential subdivisions.

We ride through the town of Cordelia and enter fast food alley along Pittman Rd and crossover I-80 to Suisun Valley Rd and Suisun Pkwy. This area around Solano Community College has the nicest pavement, it looks like a development was halted and just never got started up again.

The flat terrain on Abernathy Rd goes through the vineyards, agricultural fields and grasslands surrounding the west end of Fairfield.

Mankas Corner Rd and Waterman Blvd heads east along the residential neighborhoods around the Rancho Solano Golf Course.

Lyon Rd runs parallel along the west side of I-80 out to Vacaville on Cherry Glen Rd. We meet up with the group at Pena Adobe Park.

The 11.6 miles of rolling terrain on Pleasants Valley Rd is a beautiful stretch of road along Vaca Valley with fantastic views of the Vaca Mountains.

This valley is home to many vineyards, orchards, a few nurseries, an organic egg farm, sheep and horse ranches,

Putah Creek Rd takes us for 5 flat miles along Lake Solano out to the many orchards and vineyards around Putah Creek.

Lunch is at Steady Eddy’s on Main St in Winters.

After lunch, we continue east on Putah Creek Rd and head south along the flat roads that wind through the orchards, farmlands and ranchlands around the edge of Winters and Dixon.

Allendale Rd leads us to the rolling country back roads near English Hills on Timm, Peaceful Glen and English Hills Rd. This area is filled with many horse ranches and open fields.

The climb up east Cantelow Rd is 3.6 miles to the summit; the gentle terrain leads up to several many steep pitches along the back ridge with fabulous views of the landscape surrounding English Hills. The last quarter mile up to the hairpin turn is the steepest section with 9-11% grades! Take a moment to enjoy the spectacular views of the valley from the top of the ridge!

The descent on Cantelow drops us down to Vaca Valley on Pleasants Valley Rd. From this point, we reverse the route for the return to Martinez.

We head south on Cherry Glen to Lyon and ride through the residential neighborhoods around Hillborn Rd and make a quick ice stop at Subway.

The flats on Abernathy take us back to Suisun Pkwy for the I-80 crossover to Cordelia.

We continue south on Lopes Rd and crossover on Marshview to Goodyear Rd into Benicia.

Industrial Way brings us back to Park Rd for the short climb along the east end of the refineries.

We cross the Benicia-Martinez Bridge back to Martinez and return to Holiday Highlands Park on Morello and Midway.

Thanks to everyone for joining me on this ride out to Winters for lunch and for braving the hot temps and strong NW winds!

9 people in attendance

Garmin Stats:
111.08 Miles with 3406′ of elevation gain
Max elevation: 644′
Avg grade: 3%
Max grade: 15%

Weather: HOT! Sunny, hot and breezy with NW winds. Temps ranged from the low 60’s to the mid 90’s

Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.   ~ Lillie Langtry


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