Paso Robles: Ride to Creston

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Jackie and I ride out from the Holiday Inn Express to meet up with the group for a ride out to Creston. We take S River Rd for the rolling climbs through open pastoral fields and grasslands to Neal Springs Rd.

We continue south on Lupine Lane for the next few miles through the rolling green hills with old barns and ranches out to Templeton Rd. The jog on Templeton leads us to S El Pomar Rd; you get great views of the surrounding vineyards, nut orchards and olive groves.

The turn on El Pomar Dr brings on a series of high rolling climbs for 3 miles through the many horse ranches, vineyards and orchards with the mighty oak trees standing guards along the side of the road.

The flat quiet mile on Cripple Creek Rd takes us CA 41; there are fantastic views of more vineyards and rolling green grasslands in the far distance. CA 229 leads us into the town of Creston for a quick regroup and pit stop at the Creston Country Store.

We continue south on CA 229 for a short loop out to CA 58 and O’Donovan Rd. The 7.8 gentle miles on CA 229 is through a beautiful somewhat wooded area. This single lane road has minimal to no traffic. The group stops to view a large red tail hawk perched up on a tree.

The descent on CA 229 brings us to the climbs up CA 58; the first one is short and steady with a 3% grade up to the first summit followed by a descent and another shorter climb before the drop down to O’Donovan Rd.

The flat 5.5 miles along O’Donovan Rd goes through the open prairie and ranchlands with grazing cattle and horse ranches. We get to ride through some pretty stiff headwinds back into Creston.

Our lunch stop at the Long Branch Saloon; it’s a funky old western cowboy bar that serves fast food type sandwiches and burgers. The barkeeper allowed us to park our bikes inside the saloon; what’s not to like about that? Service was warm and friendly but a bit slow; the barkeeper is also the cook and waitress!

We exit town on CA 41 back to Cripple Creek Rd and El Pomar Dr. The turn on Hollyhock Lane brings us back to Neal Springs Rd and River Rd.

What a fabulous day to be out riding with the group! Thanks to Bob for leading us out and around Creston!

Jackie and I ended up having dinner at Berry Hill Bistro with other people from our group. Much “thanks” to Dick for his unexpected generosity in picking up the tab for everyone! Your kindness will be paid forward.

VDO Stats:
57.59 Miles with 3504′ of elevation gain
Avg grade: 3%
Max grade: 11%

Weather: WONDERFUL! Sunny & breezy, clear blue skies with temps ranging in the low 40’s to the high 50’s

Go ride your bike the way you feel each day and enjoy it!
~Fred Matheny

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Follow this route for today’s ride:

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