Winters Berryessa Century

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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This is another Century ride I’ve mapped out to begin and end in Martinez; it’s great to be able to just leave from my front door and start pedaling. We’re heading north for a counter-clockwise loop out to Winters, Monticello Dam, Moskowitz Corners followed by a return along Wooden Valley Rd into Suisun Valley.

We head north to cross the Benicia-Martinez Bridge and continue on through the oil refineries on Park Rd to Industrial Way. Lopes Rd hugs the I-680 corridor all the way into Cordelia. The Tower Market off Gold Hill Rd is a great place to recharge; replenish water and food along with a quick pit stop.

We ride along the outskirts of Fairfield on Suisun Pkwy to Abernathy and Mankas Corner to the residential neighborhoods on Waterman, Hillborn and Lyon Rds. If you need another stop, there is a small shopping area on Waterman, just before the turn onto Hillborn.

Lyon Rd runs parallel to I-80 and leads us to Cherry Glen Rd; the south-west end of Vacaville. We continue on Pleasant Valley Rd for the next 11.6 miles on rolling terrain through the many orchards, vineyards, farms and ranches. The Vaca Mountains serves as a gorgeous backdrop above the pastoral hills and fields.

The next 5 flat miles on Putah Creek Rd goes along the south end of Lake Solano and continues NE through the many orchards before reaching Steady Eddy’s in Winters, our designated lunch stop. The outdoor patio is the best place to be; it’s sunny and warm!

The post lunch route heads west on Hwy 128 and pretty much follows Putah Creek along the northern edge of Putah Creek State Wildlife Area. There are several fishing access areas along the creek, complete with restrooms and picnic tables.

The short climb up to Monticello Dam has gradient ranges of 6-8%; it begins after the Putah Creek bridge crossing at the end of Canyon Creek Resort. Take a minute to stop and check out the “Glory Hole Spillway” at the dam. You also get great views of the southern end of Lake Berryessa.

The next few rolling miles drops you down to Markley Cove; you can pick up snack type foods and hot/cold beverages. The 1.7 mile climb with gradient ranges of 7-10% up Cardiac Hill begins after passing the cove followed by a glorious descent and rollers towards Moskowitz Corner.

The Cross Roads Market/Cafe and gas station are both CLOSED. The only place to get water is from a spigot located outside the Lake Berryessa Community Church.

We continue south on Hwy 121/Montibello Rd for the next 5.5 miles, the rolling terrain on this road winds through the old ranches and farmlands in Napa county down towards the Wooden Valley.

The 6.7 mile descent on Wooden Valley is so very nice; it’s on smooth pavement along the valley with awesome views of the surrounding vineyards, ranches, open pastoral fields and mountain sides. You’ll love it!

The road continues along the flats on Suisun Valley Rd into Suisun Valley with plentiful views of the mountains and surrounding vineyards and wineries. We make a stop at the Tower Market off Rockville for a pit stop, food and water.

We continue on Suisun Valley Rd, rolling pass the Solano Community College to Mangels Blvd and Green Valley Rd. We cross over I-80 back to Lopes Rd and head south on Goodyear Rd into Benicia.

Industrial Way and Park Rd leads us back to the entrance of the Ped/Bike path crossing to the Benicia-Martinez Bridge. The view of the sun setting over the Carquinez Strait is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous way to end a fantastic tandem ride-LOVE IT!

Thanks to Wyatt for tandeming another Century with me!

VDO Stats:
112.26 miles with 5138′ of elevation gain
Avg grade: 5%
Max grade: 15%

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle.
I want to ride it where I like.  ~Queen

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Follow this route for today’s ride:


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