Collier Canyon-Lunch at EJ’s

Friday, January 13, 2011

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The ride I’m leading today goes out to Collier Canyon for lunch at EJ’s. I ride out from home to meet everyone at the Lafayette-Moraga Staging Area parking lot in Pleasant Hill.

Today is Friday the 13th and there are 13 riders-what a coincidence! We head out on Olympic Blvd to our first brief stop at the Tice Valley community Center. Water and nice restrooms are available.

We continue on Tice Valley to Meadow Rd and Castle Hill Rd. The terrain for the next 16 miles is pretty much flat all the way through. The group does an amazing job of sticking together-how wonderful! We hit all the green lights on Danville Blvd and Sycamore Valley Rd!

There is a brief regroup at the corner of Highland Rd-enough time for riders to catch up and for others to peel off layers. The temperature is warming up quite nicely!

The loop around Highland to Manning and Carneal takes us to our lunch stop at EJ’s. It’s nice quiet stretches of road with minimal traffic. The rolling hillsides and pastures are dotted with cows, horses, ranches and old barns and farm houses.

We arrive at EJ’s on Carneal Rd. There are a couple of picnic tables, snack and soda vending machines, water and a porta-pottie. I always put some money into the donation can to help with the porta-potty expense. Hey, Ed puts it out there for us to use, why not give back too! It’s a good thing to do.

Ed’s busy talking on the phone but he walks over to give me a big hug! I love Ed and all that he does here! I get back to where I was sitting and find out that the dog has eaten my sandwich! Silly me for leaving food out! Oh well.

We continue on Carneal Rd to Collier Canyon Rd. The short climb on Collier Canyon takes up and back down to Highland Rd. From there, it’s a slight downhill with a few small bumps all the way out to Camino Tassajara.

There’s another quick regroup at the corner and the group is back together. The run along Camino Tassajara is fast and fun. The group rolls pretty quickly all the way back to Blackhawk Rd.

Everyone is still riding together as a group-great! We continue on Sycamore Valley Rd and retrace our morning route to Danville Blvd. We take Lancaster, Lilac and Newell back to Olympic Blvd.

There is a post ride social at Peet’s In Lafayette. We all had a wonderful time riding and enjoyed each other’s company.

Thanks to everyone for joining me for lunch out at EJ’s! It was a very pleasurable ride with a fun group of cyclists!

14 people in attendance

Original route: 47 miles with 1401′ of elevation gain
Extended route: 70 miles with 3113′ of elevation gain

Weather: FANTASTIC! Sunny and warm! Temps starting from the mid 50’s and reaching a high of 70 for the day!


Follow this route for today’s ride:

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    Happy New Year to you! What a great way to start off 2012. Another wonderful adventure, blog and more great photos too. My family have been downloading lots of your photos to use as wallpaper for our computers. Thanks for letting us share your cycling explorations and experiences out in California.


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