Mount Diablo-Views from the First Day of Autumn

Friday, September 23, 2011

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Today’s ride up Mt Diablo so happens to fall on the first day of Autumn; but it still feels like Summer! A call to Diablo’s weather update line at 7:30 AM already states the temperature at the summit to be 77F with winds blowing at 0-4 mph. It’s going to be a hot day!

We meet up at Heather Farm for an earlier than usual start time of 8:30 AM. This is an out and back route up Northgate Rd to the summit. It’s a very clear day and the views going up to Diablo are fantastic!

We make a brief stop at the junction and continue up to the summit.

The views from the summit are fabulous! Temps are in the 90’s with no winds. It’s absolutely wonderful up here.

There is a post ride stop at Peet’s and it’s a fun time for everyone to just sit, eat, drink and socialize.

Thanks to everyone for joining me on yet another run up Diablo; it’s always great!

8 people in attendance

30 miles with 3651′ of elevation gain

Weather: MARVELOUS! Sunny blue skies with temps ranging from the 70’s to mid 90’s and no wind

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KEEP RIDING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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