Burger Run to In N Out Burger

Friday, September 2, 2011

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Today’s ride meets up at the Island Picnic Area on Wildcat Canyon in Berkeley.  Water and restrooms are available. It’s already bright, sunny and warm-temps are in the mid 70’s.

We head east on Wildcat Canyon and make our way down into Orinda. We take Camino Pablo and the partial bike path to Miner Rd.

The turn on Miner Rd takes us pass the golf course and through a private Orinda neighborhood on Lombardy, Dalewood and Sundown Terrace. There is a water fountain at Dalewood Park but no restrooms.

There is a short steep climb up Sundown Terrace to the intersection with Happy Valley Rd.

We descend Happy Valley Rd into Lafayette and make a left onto Deer Hill Rd. We continue on 1st St to Golden Gate Way and 2nd St. The turn on Moraga Blvd takes us onto the Lafayette-Morage Trail/bike path.



We continue on Olympic Blvd to Tice Valley Rd and take Meadow Rd to Castle Hill and Danville Blvd. We stay on Danville Blvd for the next 4.5+ miles and take Railroad Ave to San Ramon Valley Blvd.

We arrive at our destination lunch stop at In N Out Burger in San Ramon. I order a hamburger protein style/no bun with fries. There is ample outdoor seating for us and the bikes.

We reverse our way on San Ramon Valley Rd and head back to Danville. We stay on Danville Blvd to Castle Hill and make our way around Lancaster, Lilac and Newell to Olympic Blvd. We hop back on the bike path and stop to refill water at the Leigh Creekside Park. Unfortunately their water fountain runneth dry-no water.



Instead, Eddie leads us to the Kwik Stop Market on 2nd St and Golden Gate Way. I never noticed it there before, but what a great place to stop! The clerk didn’t have a problem with us getting ice from the soda dispenser. Taking in a cold can of Coke really hit the spot. It’s really hot out here; the temps are in the high 90’s. Everyone tops off  their bottles with ice and water and we’re off to finish the remainder of the route.

We climb up 1st St to Deer Hill Rd and take Happy Valley Rd back to Sundown Terrace. That drops us back into Orinda for the final climb back up Wildcat Canyon. It’s wonderful to be able to climb in the shade back up to Inspiration Point.

From Wildcat, I opt to take the little detour on Anza Rd that takes you behind the Brazilian Bldg. It pops you back out on Wildcat near the Island Picnic Area.

Thanks to Carole, Eddie, Joan, Ann & Ron for braving the heat and joining me on this Burger Run!

6 people in attendance

49.9 miles with 2607′ of elevation gain

Weather: MARVELOUS! Sunny, bright and HOT! Temps ranged from the mid 70’s in the morning and reaching the high 90’s by mid afternoon

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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