Summertime Up Mt Diablo to the Junction

Saturday, July 2, 2011

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For today, Michael and I decide to take a quick jaunt up Mt Diablo via North Gate Rd. Temps are forecasted to reach the high 90’s to 100F. Many cyclists are already heading down the mountain from an earlier start time to “beat the heat”.

The dryscape of the mountain is different from the lush greens during springtime but the appeal is still there. Some wildflowers are blooming along the road and there are certain sections where the trees and brushes are very green.

The climb up North Gate from Oak Rd to the junction is about 7.8 miles. The average gradient is around 6%. The grade does increase to 9-11% as you approach the Burma Road Trail and at the 1000 feet elevation sign.

The road levels a bit for the next few turns. Once you see Ranch Diablo, the gradient kicks up again to around 9-10%. The road eases up a bit after a series of switchbacks. The views are pretty nice up here.

We reach the junction and run into a few other GPC members; Matt M & Dale O. The temp in the shade is registering at 90F. It’s gotten pretty HOT! We call it a day and head back down North Gate Rd.




Another good climb up Diablo!

40 miles with 2831′ of elevation gain

Weather: HOT! HOT! HOT! Sunny blue skies with the temps reaching the high 90’s & 100F.The occasional breeze was a cool welcome!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RIDE ON!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  1. Wait a minute! it's 90+ degrees and the fellow in the GPC jersey is wearing knee and arm warmers plus full fingered gloves?! Wow, LOLGood report Nancy.


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