Mt Diablo to Juniper-Jackie’s Birthday Ride

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today’s jaunt up Mt Diablo is in celebration of Jackie’s birthday. We meet up at Heather Farm in Walnut Creek to head up Northgate Rd to the Junction Ranger Station and beyond.

The landscape of Mt Diablo is ever changing along with the seasons. The views are always grand; regardless if it’s lush green or dry and brown. It certainly has its own beauty.

The views from Diablo Ranch to the junction are gorgeous!

More fabulous views can be seen from the Juniper Campground area.

We descend North Gate Rd back to the ranger gate.

There is a post ride lunch at SWAD Indian Cuisine in Lafayette.






Four people in attendance; Jackie, Carol, Kris and myself

29.88 miles with 2888′ of elevation gain

Weather: Super warm! Sunny blue skies with temps ranging from the mid 80’s to the low 90’s.


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