Marin ASSR-Marshall Wall 100K

Saturday, May 14, 2011

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For a variation, this month’s all-club SSR takes place in Marin County. The meeting place is across the street from the Marinwood Community Center on Miller Creek Rd in San Rafael.

There are 4 routes to choose from; 35, 65, 76 and 95 miles. The only rule is that the group rides out at a social pace for the first 11 miles. Michael and I volunteer to lead the 65 mile route out to Marshall.

Water and restrooms are available at the community park. There is ample street parking with no time limit.

We head north on Miller Creek to hop on the bike path that takes us onto Alameda del Prado. We continue through the residential neighborhoods on Ignacio Blvd, Sunset Parkway, Cambridge and Arthur St. We pass all the horse ranches on Indian Valley Rd and continue on Wilson Ave to Mill Rd. The road traffic is a little heavier on a weekend. We take Vineyard Rd and Sutro Ave to Novato Blvd.

We stay on Novato Blvd for the next 6.5+ miles. The terrain is mostly flat with one short climb towards Stafford Lake. Once you pass the lake, you get some rollers and another climb and a short lip before the blasting descent to Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd.

There is a brief regroup at the Cheese Factory. Water and restrooms are available.

We take Hicks Valley Rd to Marshall-Petaluma Rd.

The climb up “Marshall Wall” is about 2 miles long with a false summit. The first
section is the steepest; the gradient ranges from 9-11% and eases up a bit. The
remaining climb continues along the ridge with a gradient of 7-8%. You get
beautiful views of the grasslands and of Tomales Bay. The descent on the
backside is wickedly fast; watch out for the potholes!

We head south on Hwy to our lunch stop at the Marshall Store. You can order BBQ oysters, clam chowder and grill to order panini sandwiches. The whole place smelled of roasted garlic!

Porta-potties are available at the south end of the building.

We continue to head south on Hwy 1 for the next 8.5 miles to Point Reyes Station. You get wonderful views of the bay as you hit all the fun rollers on this stretch of road. There is one steep climb; about 9-10% grades after you pass the winery. The right turn on Mesa takes us off Hwy 1 to Bovine Bakery.

Water and restrooms are available at the park behind the Palace Market.

We run into Phil M. and his group on their Three Bakeries and Maybe a Burrito Ride.

After lunch, we stay on Hwy 1 to Sir Francis Drake Blvd to do the horse shoe loop around Bear Valley Rd. It’s a nice detour away from traffic. We continue on Hwy 1 to Sir Francis Drake Blvd. The climb up Olema Hill is a little over one mile; the first section is the steepest, it maxes out at 9%. Once you approach the bend in the road, the gradient eases to around 6-7% and levels out near the top. The descent is fast! It’s easy to over shoot the left turn on Platform Bridge Rd. The terrain for the next 2+ miles is flat with a few rollers.

We continue on Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd for the next 3 miles and take a right to Nicasio Valley Rd. There is a brief regroup at Nicasio.

We take Lucas Valley Rd back to Miller Creek Rd. The descent is fast with a few tight left turns.

Thanks to everyone who came out to join up for the variety of rides offered! What a great show of support for the club.

~38 people in attendance for the SSR

20 people in attendance for the 100k

68 miles with 3809′ of elevation gain

Weather: Cool with overcast cloudy skies. Temps ranged from the mid 50’s to low 60’s

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PUSH ON-KEEP MOVING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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