Mt Diablo-Belated NYD Ride

Sunday, February 6, 2011

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Today is the club’s belated NYD ride up Mt Diablo. We all meet up at the Pleasant Hill BART station. I am leading this ride along with Mark A. and Krehe R. People are trickling in and signing up; it’s nice to see such a great show of support for this ride.  Water and restrooms are available inside the station.

Mark leads us out on Oak Rd to N Civic Dr. Car traffic is not too bad on this Sunday morning. It’s quite a sight to see a mass of cyclists out on the street. Everyone is riding in an orderly fashion. We take a left on N Main to Danville Blvd. Riding along the flats at a leisurely pace is a wonderful time to talk to other members of the club.



We turn onto Stone Valley Rd to Green Valley and Diablo Rd. There is a brief regroup at the Athenian School on Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd.

The climbing starts now. The road conditions are really poor here, you need to really watch out for all the cracks and huge potholes! The climb up South Gate Rd to the Junction is about 7 miles with the average gradient being around 4.5%.

The road levels out a bit as you approach the ranger station. Water is available here. Once you pass the gate, you’re under the shade and the road levels out and you even get a bit of a downhill towards Rock City. Restrooms are available there.

The views are spectacular up here! It’s a very clear day and the winds kicked up after we pass Curry Point. I find myself riding at an angle to keep myself upright. I was so done with the winds yesterday and now here they are again! Hmmmm.

There is a regroup at the Junction Ranger Station. Water and restrooms are available.

A vast majority of riders decide to bypass going up to the summit and head down North Gate Rd. An earlier call to the summit provided us with info that the winds are whipping up from 27-42 mph at the top. I don’t need to go up there that badly, it’s not going anywhere, and it’ll be there for me next time.

We all head down North Gate Rd and the winds are blowing pretty well. There is a brief regroup at the gate. Michael and Krehe take off with the early group as I continue to wait for the others to come down.

The post ride stop is at the Ygnacio Plaza Shopping Center. There are plenty of food options available; pizza, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, gyros and more.

Thanks to everyone for showing such a huge support for the club and for joining us on this annual jaunt up Diablo! I also want to give a warm” WELCOME” to all our new club members and hope to see you all soon on another ride.

Per Mark A, about a dozen people went up to the summit.

50 people in attendance with 1 tandem.30 miles with 2307′ of elevation gain.

Weather: Fabulous; despite the winds. Sunny, warm and breezy! Starting temp of 65 reaching a high of 78!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PUSH ON-KEEP MOVING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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