Rio Vista to Cosumnes River Preserve

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Today’s group ride meets up at the Rio Vista Fishing Access Area. Water and restrooms are available along with public parking. It looks like another day of riding in the fog. I also noticed several feral cats along the shoreline and they look pretty well fed. Hmmm.

We exit the parking lot and ride along River Rd/SR 84 to the Ryer Island Ferry.
The “Real McCoy” is a diesel-powered ferry run by CalTrans that takes us across Cache Slough to Ryer Island. Riding the ferries is free! You must remember to shift down to a lower gear before exiting the ferry; the deck can be very slick from oil and water; and there’s a steep pitch getting onto and over the levees.

We exit the ferry and take a left to continue along the levee road on SR 84.
The turn on SR 220E takes us to the next ferry ride. The “J-Mack” is a cable drawn ferry that crosses Steamboat Slough to Grand Island. After exiting the ferry, we make a right turn to continue on SR 220. We make a left turn at the stop sign to continue on SR 220.

Wyatt and I made a detour and did an out and back along SR 160 towards Isleton. We made our way to Walnut Grove; crossed the bridge and continued along River Rd/CoRd E13 to Twin Cities Rd. We missed the regroup at the Subway shop on Thornton Rd.

We’re the last ones to arrive at the Cosumnes River Reserve. Bob is kind enough to wait for us as we chow down on our sandwiches. There was a “people friendly” gray squirrel running all around the picnic tables; it even got close enough to me to get at my back pockets! Water and restrooms are available but no food. We cross the road to get on the trail to view the wildlife.

We continue on Franklin Rd and cross the RR tracks on Desmond Rd. There are an abundance of Sandhill Cranes for everyone to see. Wyatt catches a rare sighting of an orange long neck “Mudhill Crane” hiding behind a tree. We continue on Bruceville Rd to Twin Cities Rd/CoRd E13.

We all take a little detour through the historical Chinese town of Locke. The main street is lined with buildings dating back to 1920. The Locke Memorial Park is dedicated to the Chinese who built the railroad, levees, and the agriculture of California and the town of Locke.

We get back on River Rd/CoRd E13 and cross the Walnut Grove Bridge to SR 160. We continue on SR 220 to cross the J-Mack ferry back to Ryer Island.

After exiting the ferry, we take a left to continue on E Ryer Rd. That in turn takes us to the Real McCoy ferry crossing again. You can see Mt Diablo from the distance. Pretty nice view!

We’re back on River Rd/SR 84. What a big difference from this morning; the sun is out and you can see the Rio Vista Bridge!

Thanks to Bob for leading today’s ride and waiting for us at the lunch stop! The day turned out to be quite nice despite the early morning fog.

17 people in attendance with 1 tandem

Original route: 52 miles with 431′ of elevation gain

Detoured route: 63 miles with 444′ of elevation gain

Weather: COLD, FOGGY and breezy in the morning giving way to brilliant sunshine in the afternoon. Starting temp of 38 and reaching a high of 53 in the afternoon.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KEEP RIDING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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