Alex’s Second Saturday Ride (ASSR)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

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For today, Michael and I attend GPC’s Second Saturday All-Club Ride. The group meets up at the south parking lot of the Orinda Bart station. Everyone is welcome to participate; members and non-members alike. This ride is a great way to meet and greet everyone! And just maybe, the camaraderie that is shown during these rides will also encourage non-members to consider joining the club. I volunteer to lead out the group at a social pace through Orinda, down San Pablo Dam Rd to the brief regroup area at the Castro Ranch Park ‘N Ride lot. From that point, the whole group splits off into separate pace groups. We opt to do the 50 mile route which takes us to Danville Peet’s and back.



We continue up Castro Ranch Rd to Alhambra Valley Rd.

The route takes us up Pig Farm Hill. The climb gradually starts off at 5-7% then increases to 10-13%. The gradient eases up in the middle and then kicks back up to 13% as you near the top. The descent down the backside of Pig Farm is just fabulous!

There is a regroup in front of the Oakmont Memorial Park in Lafayette. Water and restrooms are available at the Grayson Woods Golf Course. The route continues on for over 3 miles on Reliez Valley Rd. The terrain starts off relatively flat and slowly increases to a 3-6 % grade. The climb hikes up to 9-10% then eases back down to 6%. It jumps up again to a 9-11% as you near the top. The descent is very fast but you also need to slow down for all the stop signs.

Reliez drops us down to Pleasant Hill Rd. From there, we take Olympic to Newell, Lilac and Lancaster to Danville Blvd. It’s a flat fast run to our lunch stop at Peet’s.

For the return, we head north on Danville Blvd back to Lancaster, Lilac and Newell. We hop on the Lafayette/Moraga Trail which takes us to Mt Diablo Blvd to Deer Hill Rd.

The climb up Happy Valley Rd is a little over 2.5 miles long. The first mile or so is relatively easy, once you pass Upper Valley Rd, the gradient increases steadily to 9-11%. We take a left on Sundown Terrace to Dalewood, Lombardy and Miner. It’s mostly all downhill with a couple of rollers in between. The run down Miner is sweet and fast! We reach Camino Pablo and continue back to the BART parking lot.

Thanks to John Buenfil for organizing this monthly ride!

Thanks to Charlie for leading our group to Danville!

Another “Thanks” to all the other volunteer ride leaders. Without you guys, these rides wouldn’t even be able to take place!

~30+ people in attendance for this all-club ride

10 people in attendance for the 50 mile route

51 miles with 2771′ of elevation gain

Weather: Foggy, muggy and cool with a starting temp of 53. Sunshine in the afternoon with the temp reaching a high of 63

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KEEP RIDING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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