The Bears and El Toyonal

Sunday, November 28, 2010

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The club ride that Michael and I lead for today meets up at the Orinda BART parking lot. Water and restrooms are available.

We are doing a clockwise loop around the hills known as “The Three Bears” and then continue up Wildcat for a counter clockwise loop on El Toyonal.

We head north on Camino Pablo through Orinda. The road eventually becomes San Pablo Dam Rd at the intersection with Wildcat Cyn/Bear Creek Rd. From that point on, we’re riding on smooth pavement on a slight downhill with a few rollers in between. Once you pass the main entrance to the dam, there’s a fast, fun, sweeping descent all the way to Castro Ranch Rd.

There are two short climbs on Castro Ranch Rd and a short fast descent that takes us to our next turn on Alhambra Valley Rd. For the next few miles, we continue on flat rolling terrain all the way to Bear Creek Rd.

We ride pass several horse ranches, a farm and a cemetery before reaching the first climb on the Bears loop; “Mama Bear”. Mama Bear is less than a mile long with two humps in between. The average gradient here is 7%. .Water and restrooms are available at Briones Park.

The climb on “Papa Bear” starts after you cross the bridge at the intersection of Happy Valley Rd. The climb on Papa Bear is also under a mile long with the average gradient being around 7% too. Once you reach the top, it’s a fast sweeping descent all the way to Baby Bear.

“Baby Bear” is the final short little climb up to the intersection of Wildcat and SPDR. The gradient here is around 9-11%. There is a brief regroup at the top.

The group starts to split up from here, some folks head straight back to the BART station, others head out towards Moraga for extra miles and some are going up Wildcat to get back home. The remainder of us continues on the route up Wildcat to El Toyonal. The first mile up Wildcat is the steepest; the average grade is around 7-8% and eases up after passing El Toyonal.

The left turn on El Toyonal is at the wide open turn out area off Wildcat. You have to go around a closed gate and ride and climb through several washed out sections of the road before crossing a bridge. The climbing goes on all the way to the next closed gate. This area is very beautiful! Once you pass this gate, El Toyonal continues through a residential neighborhood.

I tell everyone that’s it’s all downhill from here, boy was I wrong! We’re all moving pretty well and then…we hit a wall! OMG! I forgot about this one short steep climb and I’m stuck on my big chain ring in a very high gear. No way can I shift gears now… I’m struggling to keep myself upright and manage to muscle my way up without falling over. Whew! During this time, I’m also laughing at myself for being caught in this predicament. How stupid of me! Everyone else made it up and over the top. We continue down to Camino Pablo and back to the BART parking lot.

Much thanks to everyone who showed up for this short jaunt around The Bears and El Toyonal!

23 people in attendance

26 miles with 2466′ of elevation gain

Weather: Sunny and cold! The temp ranged from 47-48 degrees throughout the ride

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KEEP RIDING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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