"Eye On The Bay" Filming at EJ’s Cattle & Feed Supply

Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Click here see the actual segment on the show: North of 580-02/07/11

Michael sent an email out on my behalf to the local show “Eye on the Bay” to see if they would be interested in doing a segment on EJ”s. It just so happened that the crew for the show was driving around Collier Canyon and noticed the Feed & Supply Co. They stopped in to see what the place was all about and liked it. When they returned to office, someone told the crew about my email regarding EJ’s. What a coincidence! James Reid, one of the producers, contacted me and asked if I would be available to come out to EJ’s to participate in the segment. Of course I can! Helping Ed out is like helping me out. Without Ed opening up the ranch to the public, where would we go for a place to sit down, have the use of a porta-potty and best of all, COLD drinks and snacks. THANK YOU ED!

Every time I stop by, I can see that Ed has made improvements to the ranch to attract more people out there. There’s extra picnic tables, porta-potties, more animals for the kids to pet, a vegetable garden and so much more. You’ve got to get out there to see it all. I was told that they recently had a group of 60 people, kids and adults enjoying “A Day in the Country”.

Today, Ed extended his hospitality and introduced me to his family and friends. All the grand kids were out playing around. It’s not very often that you come across and get to meet some genuinely nice folks.

Eye On The Bay” is a local show that highlights places to go and sights to see in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brian Hackney is one of 3 hosts for the show. You can always recognize him and his car, the red MG.

Much thanks again to Ed and Janice for their hospitality and generosity while I was there. I even got a bag of fresh picked vegetables from their garden.

Another “THANKS” goes out to Jackie for taking the time to ride out there and enduring the 100+ heat with me.

I’d like to wish Ed and Janice much success for now and the future.

Airdate for this segment; “North of 580” Monday, February 7, 2011 at 7PM on CBS, Local Channel 5, KPIX

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ALWAYS BE KIND!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  1. Nancy;THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support for us. Ed & I appreciate you emailing "Eye On The Bay", and especially for being there for the taping of the segment! It was blistering hot that day, and we really appreciate you (and Jackie coming with you. And thanks to Michael for emailing on your behalf.)


  2. I enjoy going out to see Ed and his family. I always end up staying a little longer than I planned because the company is so enjoyable. It is lovely to get out and away from the busy busy places of the Bay area.


  3. Hi Nancy… great photos above… thanks for the nice nod!!! The Eye on the Bay show is going to air on Monday, November 8th at 7pm…We're out shooting pickups on Wednesday… thankfully it won't be as… let me say…NO WHERE as hot!Thanks for coming out!!! James


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