Pigeon Point Lighthouse & Purisima Creek Loop

Sunday, June 6, 2010

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This club ride that I lead starts out on Kelly St in Half Moon Bay and continues south with several climbs on Hwy 1. We ride pass San Gregorio, Pomponio, Bean Hollow and Pescadero State Beaches to our first stop at Pigeon Point Lighthouse. The fog lifted as we arrived at the Light Station. The ocean views are spectacular!

We continue to head south on Hwy 1 to Gazo Creek Rd. This road then takes us to the outskirts of Butano State Park along Cloverdale Rd. We take the next turn onto Pescadero Creek Rd to our lunch stop at Arcangeli-Norm’s Market. They are renowned for their fresh baked Garlic Herb and Artichoke Bread. Their chocolate croissants and chocolate chips cookies are great too! They welcome all visitors to sit and enjoy the picnic area situated at the back of the bakery. There is water and a porta-pottie available for public use.

After lunch, we continue on Stage Rd, which is a series of 3 climbs that take you pass San Gregorio back to Hwy 1. You climb 9.7 miles and gain over 1000′ on this road. The gradient fluctuates between 4%-7%. The next turn takes us on Tunitas Creek Rd for a brief regroup at The Bike Hut. It’s a wonderful stop for all cyclists. It’s open at all times and is on an honor system. They provide water, tea, coffee and snacks, all you have to do is put the appropriate amount $ into a
drawer. There is also a couch to rest your body, a basket of bike tools and a
floor pump, all free for public use.

From there, we head on to Lobitos Creek Cutoff to Verde Rd and Purisima Creek Rd. The climb to the summit on Purisima is a bit over 4 miles and gains 690′. The steepest part being 11% on Higgins. The best part is about to come; and it’s the fun, fast descent on Higgins Purisima back to Half Moon Bay.

Much thanks to everyone or coming out to join the ride. It was a great day of riding with fantastic weather and most of all, in the company of other club members.

PS: Our route intersected with the AIDS/Life Ride & the Sequoia Century

**Remember to look up our photo at Photocrazy.com**

15 people in attendance

57 miles with 3889′ of elevation gain

Weather: Coastal fog long Hwy 1, temps in the low 60’s with high humidity and tail winds. Sunny skies inland with the temps reaching a high of 80 with headwinds along Cloverdale & Pescadero Rds

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KEEP PEDALING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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