American River Bike Trail

Saturday, May 22, 2010

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Michael and I drive out to the Amtrak Station in Sacramento to meet with Bill and Janet for a GPC group ride along the American River Bike Trail. The trail takes us out to Folsom and back. The scenery along the river are spectacular!

Thanks to Bill and Janet for leading the ride!

9 people in attendance with 3 tandems

62 Miles with 898′ of elevation gain

Weather: Sunny skies with temps ranging from the low 60’s to a
high of 74

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RIDE, RIDE & RIDE!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

One Comment

  1. great pics, nancy, congratulations to you and Michael. casual viewers may not be aware of some of the spectacular acrobatics Michael went through to get some of these rolling shots. hint, how do you capture an image of a rolling tandem *from the front* while riding a bike in the same direction. think about it…too bad i didn't have a camera of my own at the time.chris w.


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