EJ’s Cattle & Feed Supply-A GEM of a Find in Livermore

Sunday, February 9, 2010

I was out riding today with Micheal and Rod around Collier Canyon and came upon a GEM of a find on Carneal Rd. At about mile 42 of our ride, we were all getting a bit hungry and wanted to stop somewhere for a quick bite. I often pack a lunch for Michael and myself, but Rod needed to purchase something to eat. I had done a previous ride around Collier Canyon last month and had remembered seeing a sign that read “store open” So, now was the opportune time to check it out. Boy, am I glad we did! So, here’s the scoop…It’s very easy to miss this place if you’re not looking for it.

The FIND of the day is: EJ Cattle & Feed Supply Co at the corner of Manning & Carneal Rds. I know, you’re like “What, cattle feed?” But, that’s okay; it’s like
one stop shopping! Get a drink & snack, put your feet up, buy some cattle
feed and kick around the dust. (actually it’s pretty dust-free) We entered
through the open gates and were immediately greeted by Ed Bradley, the owner of the ranch. He’s one nice friendly rancher with a great smile and warm
personality. He gave us a little history of the area and told us that the ranch
has been there for over 105 years! He’s a cousin to the Reinstein family that
owns the horse ranch down the road since 1884.
He’s made his ranch open and available to cyclists and other folks who happen to stop by.

Ed has put bike racks out front. There are 2 outdoor vending machines behind the feed store. One for cold drinks-sodas $1 and another for snacks $0.65-$2.00. There are some healthy multi grain chips (which were very good), cookies, candies and even energy bars. The most interesting items that I saw available in the snack machine was a small first-aid kit, emery boards and what REALLY caught my eye was tubes of udder cream. Now you know where to get it if you’re in dire need of some lubrication, WOW!!There are a couple of picnic tables, a porta-pottie w/a sink and a water hose, all FREE for us to use. THANK YOU ED!! You’re welcome to walk around the ranch, check out the barn, horse shed and anything else out there. There’s even a chuck wagon on site.

His future plans also include having pony rides for kids. He even sells little packages of plastic farm animals, sea animals and other stuff kids would like. So, I’d like to ENCOURAGE EVERYONE who likes to ride around Collier Canyon, Livermore and even Morgan Territory to take the time and STOP at EJ’s to support his endeavor in supporting us out there! Tell him Nancy sent you! Currently he’s open from Thursday thru Sunday. Per Ed, he’s hoping to be open more days during the summer. Please feel free to pass on this info to all your cycling friends. Oh, BTW, for anyone interested, Ed also has COWS FOR SALE!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EXPLORE, FIND & SHARE!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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